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Workshop: Breathing & Meditation

SUNDAY 27th MARCH 2022, 9-10:30am, ticket: $55

Many of us go through every day with a heightened and reactive nervous system so it is no wonder it leads to chronic stress and anxiety. Your breath is the most direct pathway into your body, your mind and your nervous system. Breath is the most accessible and practical tool we have.

This 90-minute workshop will be both informative and experiential, with an intention to guide you to develop ways to regulate your nervous system. We will start off with a guided grounding meditation practice leading to some breathing exercises and finishing off with guided Yoga Nidra practice.
The workshop is open for everyone, no previous experience is necessary.

Facilitated by Sai, a Yoga teacher and Well-being facilitator, founder of find.align.love.own, practitioner of emotional freedom technique, neuro linguistic programming and a certified meta coach. Sai passionately empowers individuals to curate their own calm abiding center through integrating and healing from
life experiences. 

SUNDAY 27th MARCH 2022, 9-10:30am in the Yoga Studio

Spots are limited – please purchase your ticket via the Members’ app (please make sure to log out and log in again to see the new section Courses). Note: tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Looking forward to seeing You there!


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