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For the first-timer
to the wellness addict


Whether You are a beginner, want to maintain or step up Your fitness routine – our effective and addictive classes cater for all levels of experience and ability – everybody and every body.

Classes include regressions, progressions and props to challenge You no matter where You are on Your wellness journey. 


Over 60 classes 7 days a week running all day into the evenings


Our signature, full body, feel great workout is all about flows from one movement to another with a strong emphasis on making each class unique. You will challenge Your body and mind through a combination of dynamic movements on the reformer, or with props like the magic circle to experience the Pilates burn. As Your body strengthens, intensity and resistance are modified in alignment with Your movement journey. You will leave feeling uplifted and invigorated, with a special addictive Pilates glow. 40 minutes. Age 16+


This class uses the reformer with the bonus of the jump board for an extra cardio workout. It incorporates all the benefits of a reformer workout: strengthening the core, building leaner muscles, focusing on control, to name a few but it will also elevate Your heart rate in a low-impact setting as You are jumping in different positions on the machine. You will work from head to toe as You bounce your way through this 40-minute class. Age: 16+


Using the Reformers’ resistance this class will shine light on all the tight spots in Your body and help You get deeper into wonderful stretches we know You are going to love.
Achieve better flexibility and leave this 40-minute class feeling as “supple as a cat” as Joseph Pilates intended. Age: 16+


Our Barre Burn class is a dynamic, high energy, fast-paced class that uses the ballet barre and small props to deliver a full-body workout. It blends the elements of pilates, dance, cardio and strength training that is immensely rewarding and fun at the same time.

Expect an increase in Your heart rate and a glowing sweat all over the body with high and low intensity sequences. Build lean muscles, improve posture, flexibility and overall fitness – it will leave you feeling stronger, energised, with jelly legs and rosy cheeks. No previous ballet or dancing experience required. Teenagers love it! Age: 13+


This 40-minute dynamic, high intensity class use props like light dumbbells, the magic circle, bands or the Pilates ball to not only strengthen Your body from head to toe, to improve Your endurance, posture, flexibility and coordination. Classes suit every experience level and as exercises can be modified to decrease or increase the level of challenge. You will leave feeling invigorated and definitely rosy-cheeked. 40 minutes. Age: 13+


A dynamic, powerful class that fuses Boxing cardio intervals with Pilates moves aimed to strengthen Your whole body & Your mind. This is a 40-minute perfect low impact, high heart rate sweaty class that will get Your feel-great endorphins pumping in no time, and will increase Your muscle tone, flexibility and core strength. Boxing drills are done in pairs and boxing gloves are provided. Please bring Your own inners or purchase them via the app. Age: 16+


Pre and postnatal Members are welcome to attend our Dynamic Mat, Barre Burn, and Hatha Yoga classes. These classes will help You feel strong, energised and connected during every stage of Your bump journey and beyond. Please let Your Instructor know You are pregnant/postnatal.

Please email Your clearance to exercise from Your GP or Obstetrician prior to Your first class to studio@addictedtopilates.com.au


HATHA YOGA – Moving within Your own comfort with the breath, the simple practice starts with a warm stretch to ease You into body awareness, then to some more dynamic postures. We hold poses so your muscles relax allowing the connective tissue to open up, this often provides an emotional release, that contributes to a feeling of lightness as well as effortlessly improving flexibility. 60 minutes. Age: 16+

VINYASA YOGA – Vinyasa is a dynamic, flow-based Yoga that allows the body to get warm through strength and heat-building poses. The flow improves flexibilityoverall muscular and postural health, whilst moving in connection with the breath and quietening the mind. With a stretch and cool down at the end, this practice provides the body to feel open, free and energised once the savasana is complete. 60 minutes. Age: 16+


This is a personalised, Private Reformer Pilates class just for You on the Reformer Pilates machine – with a program of exercises specifically tailored for Your needs. Ask any questions You may have and workout at Your own pace. Private or Semi-Private for up to two Clients – so You can come with a friend, or family Member. 40 minutes.


Addicted to Pilates is all about good vibes and You – our workshops focus on Your needs, on what You want to learn or do to make You feel better and live a happier life. Whether the topic is nutrition, menopause, pelvic floor, breathing, a Women’s circle, to name but a few topics, we always keep learning about our bodies and minds in the Studio. Suggestions for topics and collaborations are always welcome!  
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