The Power of Yin Yoga

Many people are familiar with “yang” Yoga styles that create heat in the body like vinyasa or Ashtanga but did you know that there is a completely different, but equally beneficial type of Yoga? It is called yin Yoga.  

The term “yin Yoga” is derived from Taoist principles which believe that there are pathways of energy that go through our bodies. When we stretch and hold yin poses, energy is released to flow freely and any blockages are opened up. Contrary to other yang Yogas that heat the body, yin actually cools it down, creating that perfect balance we all strive for every day.

“Yang” Yoga targets your muscles, yin Yoga focuses on deep connective tissues, such as ligaments, and fascia. It is a deep, meditative practice that will assist you to turn inwards and achieve a more centred mind.

The rewards? Physical and mental. Tick and tick.

1. It releases fascia and increases flexibility. Your fascia is like a wrap over muscles and bones. When underused, its elasticity decreases, which might cause aching and stiffness in the body. More elastic fascia leads to more mobile joints, making our bodies more flexible.
2. Improves circulation. More oxygen flows into the body and muscles when breathing in poses and focusing on deep connective tissues. 
3. It reduces stress and anxiety, by calming the body and slowing down the heart rate – bringing stillness in our fast paced, overly dynamic world.

So what are you waiting for? Head to our app or website and book in your Yin Yoga class today.

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