Barre Burn: what it is and what to expect

Curious to try a Barre Burn class? Read on to find out more about what it is, what to expect and what its numerous benefits are.

What is Barre?

Our Barre Burn class is a dynamic, high energy, fast-paced class that uses the ballet barre and small props to deliver a full-body workout. It blends the elements of pilates, dance and strength training that is immensely rewarding and fun at the same time.

Expect an increase in Your heart rate, isometric holds, and a glowing sweat all over the body with high and low intensity sequences. The props used are resistance bands, light dumbbells, and pilates balls that will make you feel the burn in some places you have not felt before or maybe not for a while!

Classes are held to music that will give you a good tempo throughout the class. We begin with a warm up and then do sections with combined cardio and pilates based barre exercises. Sometimes we place one hand on the bar, sometimes both or have them off the barre. 

Expect plies, but also squats, lunges, planks, bicep and curls…with or without the props!

If you have not done a Barre class before, please let your Instructor know. Also advise us of any injuries, and if you are pregnant.  

Why is it SO good?

It helps you build lean muscles, improves posture, flexibility and overall fitness as it targets the whole body. Apart from toning your arms, legs, tummy and buttocks, it will leave you feeling stronger and energised and most probably with jelly legs and rosy cheeks.

Who can do it?

Apart from being effective and fun, it is great because it is for everybody and every body, with no previous ballet or dancing experience required. Plus men can do it too! Our Barre Burn and Dynamic Mat classes are open for Teenagers (see the special Teen Pack), so you can do these classes with them or you can do a Reformer session while your teenager is in our other Studio. A double win.

What should I wear at my Barre class?

Wear comfortable workout gear and non slip socks (open toed are fine). And a big smile!

See You at the Barre – find Your class here.

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