Terms & Conditions

By booking in a class or sauna session, you agree to be bound by Addicted to Pilates’ Terms and Conditions set out below. 

Participating in any form of exercise or using the sauna at Addicted to Pilates is done entirely at your own risk. You are advised to seek medical advice prior to commencing any exercise program or using a sauna if you are in any doubt about your ability to engage in exercise. You must inform our instructors if there are any risks to your health by you participating in our classes, such as if you have any pre-existing injury, illness, discomfort or are pregnant, prior to commencement. In that case, please seek approval from a medical practitioner to participate in classes. Pre and postnatal Members have to provide written medical clearance from their General Practitioner or Obstetrician via email studio@addictedtopilates.com.au prior to first class. Please do not use the sauna if You are pregnant or if You have a chronic illness we recommend seeking medical clearance before using the sauna. 

To attend a class or a sauna session, you must make a booking via the online booking system on the app.

For hygiene and safety reasons, you must wear non-slip socks and bring a gym towel to class. Non-slip socks and towels are available for purchase via the app and are collected at the studio. For infrared sauna, please bring bring a towel to sit on and also a towel to wipe down your body after the session.

You must be at least 16 years of age to attend Reformer classes. Teenagers (13-19) can attend Barre and Mat classes. Children that are not attending our classes cannot be left in the studio unsupervised while you attend classes.

You acknowledge that our instructors may make physical contact with you for correction to ensure that your practice is undertaken in accordance with known practice methods. 

We are not responsible in any way for the safekeeping of your personal belongings. 

We reserve our right to change our opening hours at our studio. All passes, packs and memberships may be subject to price increase. 

We will provide refund of class credit to booked members for classes that have been cancelled by us.

The studio may be closed on Public holidays. You will be notified of studio closure in the Studio and via social media. 

No refunds on the cost of a membership are provided in case of change of mind, user error, injury, illness, change of address, unsuitability or any other reason.

Passes and Packs
Class packs are valid for all classes. No refunds, suspensions, transfers or extensions are available for passes. 

Welcome Offer is valid for five weeks from the purchase date. It is available only to new Members and can be purchased only once.
Single Passes are valid for one month from the purchase date, including the Infrared Sauna Single Session.
10 pack is valid for six months from purchase date.
20 pack is valid for ten months from purchase date.
50 pack is valid for one year from purchase date.  

Two classes can be booked per day, subject to availability.  

Welcome Offer, Class and Sauna Packs cannot be put on hold (or suspended) for any reason. 

Infrared Sauna Pack 10 sessions for 1-3 people is valid for six months.
Infrared Sauna Pack 20 sessions for 1-3 people is valid for one year.

Weekly Memberships
Weekly memberships are valid for all classes and are automatically processed via nominated credit card or debit card each week on your chosen start day. Weekly memberships renew every week and are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be extended.  

Weekly memberships can be put on hold (or suspended) for up to six weeks (42 days) per year. You must provide at least seven days’ notice prior to the next payment cycle via email to studio@addictedtopilates.com.au with the hold dates, with the hold in seven-day increments. We are not able to back date membership holds. 


If a class you would like to attend is full, please sign up for the waitlist. Should a place become available, you will receive an email advising that you have been placed in the class. You are under no obligation to take a waitlisted booking, but it is your responsibility to cancel if you are unable to attend, otherwise you will be charged a class credit and Everyday Addiction membership holders will incur an additional $20 no-show fee. Once cancelled, your place will be offered to the next member on the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class, it is your responsibility to check in the morning prior to class if you have been added to the class list. If you do not want to check in the morning if you have been added to class, please remove your name from the waitlist in the evening the day before class.

Cancellation Policy
Our cancellation policy is in place to ensure every member has a chance to attend class and/or a sauna session. Class and sauna session cancellations can only be made via the online booking system on the app. Class and sauna session cancellations can be made up to four hours prior to your class or sauna session start time without penalty. All members who pre-book a class or a sauna session but fail to attend or cancel the booking less than four hours prior to the class or sauna session start time will forfeit their class and Everyday Membership holders will also incur a $20 no-show fee for missed classes.

Private and semi-private classes have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, otherwise the fee is forfeited.  

We do not accept cancellations by phone, e-mail, social media or any other method other than by you using the booking system on our website or app, except for private and semi-private classes where you can cancel classes via email or phone. 

Weekly membership termination 
We require at least one week’s written notice prior to next payment cycle to terminate weekly memberships. Please email the termination request to studio@addictedtopilates.com.au.  

In the case of long term or permanent injury or illness that prevents the use of our services, immediate membership termination will be permitted and no fee will be charged. Termination will take effect from the date we receive written confirmation from a medical doctor. 

We may terminate memberships without notice for inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour, as determined by us, which occurs on our premises or is directed at our members or staff. 

Refunds and returns policy  
All retail sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are given on retail purchases, unless the item is deemed faulty, in which case it is to be returned to the studio within seven days upon purchase.  

Gift cards do not have an activation expiry date. However, once activated the applicable rules for expiry as per above apply. They can be used for memberships and products by contacting the Studio on studio@addictedtopilates.com.au They are not redeemable for cash and no refunds, transfers or exchanges are available. 

Refunds will only be issued in case of a merchant processing software error, or if our staff incorrectly processes a sale on the member’s behalf. All requests must be submitted in writing to studio@addictedtopilates.com.au within seven days.

Personal Agreement / Waiver
I agree that Addicted to Pilates is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class. I understand that classes may be physically strenuous, and I voluntarily participate in them and sauna sessions with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Addicted to Pilates or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. 

I release Addicted to Pilates from any claims, demands and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation.  

By booking into a class you automatically agree to all the Terms and Conditions of Addicted to Pilates.

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