Stretching at Your Desk Workshop

Saturday 25th February 2023 at 12pm

In this 1 hour workshop, our experienced facilitator and Yoga Instructor Barbara Papas will teach you some relaxation techniques and guide you through a series of simple and effective stretches that can
be easily incorporated into your busy day.

Beginning at your head, and ending at your toes, you will learn essential stretches for your entire body while sitting in a chair.

By learning various stretching techniques, you will have the tools to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension in your entire body.

While this workshop is suitable for everybody, it is especially beneficial for office workers or people who are working from home on a keyboard, students who use a computer and people experiencing back, neck and shoulder discomfort.

Note – This workshop is suitable for seniors and pregnant women. Please advise the facilitator at the beginning of the workshop about any special conditions you may have.

Investment: $20.

To purchase the ticket please head to the app and click on Courses.

See You there for that feel great stretch!

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