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Pilates Lingo

Pilates can feel like a foreign language at first but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Pilates enthusiasts have developed a unique vocabulary over time, but there’s no need to feel intimidated. We’ve rounded up some common Pilates terms and phrases to help you feel more fluent in the language of Pilates.

Dive into the fascinating world of Pilates lingo and unlock the secret language of core strength and flexibility. Don’t miss out on blending Pilates knowledge with your sweat sessions and become fluent in the language of powerhouse movements. Get ready to revolutionize your workouts and energize your mind, one Pilates term at a time.⁠

POWERHOUSE One of the most important terms is the “powerhouse,” which refers to the muscles in your abs, back, and hips that give you strength and control.

is another key concept that helps you maintain balance and alignment throughout your body.

LIFT THROUGH THE CROWN OF YOUR HEAD is a cue which means elongating from your feet (when standing) or tailbone (when seated) all the way up and out of the top of your head – which helps you achieve better alignment and balance. 

NEUTRAL PELVIS Pilates lingo for aligning your hip bones and pubic bone in the same plane while sitting or lying down. Finding your neutral pelvis is the key to optimal stability during movement.

OPEN UP YOUR CHEST WITH COLLAR BONES WIDE A Pilates cue that encourages maximum space between the shoulders, the opposite of a rounded computer posture. By moving the outer ends of your collarbones away from each other, you can improve your posture and enhance your Pilates practice.

NAVEL TO SPINE A Pilates cue that activates the abdominals by pulling the belly button downwards when lying down, or pulling it in while standing or sitting. This action creates optimal support for your trunk during lifting or twisting movements and enhances your overall core strength. 

ALIGNMENT The proper positioning of the body during Pilates exercises. Correct alignment
ensures optimal muscle engagement and reduces the risk of injury.

IMPRINT THE SPINE A position where the lower back is pressed into the mat to engage
the deep abdominal muscles and stabilize the pelvis.

C-CURVE A rounded shape of the spine resembling the letter “C,” often used in
exercises that involve flexing the spine forward, such as rolling like a ball.

PILATES V A foot position where the heels are together and toes are in external
rotation creating a V shape with the feet. 

SHOULDERS DOWN AND BACK Instructs Members to relax their shoulders down away from the ears and draw the shoulder blades together.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY This cue encourages Members to be aware of their body’s
limitations and to modify exercises as needed. 

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